* Prototype is assembled with an off-the-shelf purchased FPGA — “Cyclone V”. None of the components are custom made. The radio frequency parts are shaded out.

The system uses 60 GHz WiHD/WiGig protocols.

The system is based on the unique algorithm of dividing data into multiple dynamic streams.

This is a no compression technology.

The system has low computational (performance) requirements to hardware.The prototype utilizes 9% of FPGAs capacity and logic components.

The technology is invariant to transmitted resolution. It can transmit any amount of data with no added latency, provided the bandwidth can support such transmission.


No data loss – original quality of the video.

Low latency – only 3 ms. Can be lowered with 1 ms with ASIC hardware.

Low cost hardware in comparison to hardware that requires compression/decompression.

Works with any AR/VR HMD. Supports HDMI, DVI interfaces. Can support Display Port and other standards.

Range is up to 50 feet (15 meters). Can be substantially increased within an enclosed room environment with ASIC hardware.

Can support multiplayer function with multiple (4K/120Hz/36 Gygabytes per 1 second) users with ASIC hardware.

Can be lowered to the size parameters of the match box (excluding the battery).

Much more data may be provided after signing NDA and other pertinent documentation!